The Equipment We Use

Over the years our projects have spanned from Scotland to Wales, County to County. We strive for an efficient process when dealing with both commercial and private customers and ensure we are maintaining effective and concise communication. This makes the entire process a lot easier for all parties involved.

We have an approximate 90% retention rate from our commercial/private customers.

We’re committed to not only offering you a professional service, but also impartial and reliable advice with recommendations on how you can save costs for your commercial projects.

Our Capabilities:

Haulage Capacity

Here at JEM we have a total haulage Capacity of 55 tonnes of material at any given time. All of our Tippers are driven by our employees that are also trained to lay tarmac. We have one Full time driver and another 4 men that also have their Category 2 HGV license.

Road Laying Equipment:


This is the one of the Largest and newest Paver we have available. With a fully extended screed this machine can easily reach up to 5.0 meters in width. This paver can comfortably accommodate most single track lanes in one pull. We often use this machine for large car parks where our smaller machines will lack the power to get through.


This Paving machine is usually used on smaller areas, such as driveways, smaller car parks and even paths. We currently have two of these at our disposal. They have a Screed Length from 1.8m to 2.4 meters. These may look small however they are one of our most capable machines and we tend to use them for the majority of our projects as they are maneuverable and versatile.


The BITELLI BB650 is the Largest Active Paver we have in service with our fleet. This machine can accommodate widths from 2.5m to 6 meters with extension boxes attached. This machine has laid approximately 55,000 tonnes of material since we acquired it.